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About Us
The family members who are ancestral priest of Goddess TuljaBhavani & Narsinha host this Website. The idea behind hosting the Website is not only to enable the devotees of goddess Bhavani to get performed the Seva Vidhi but also to achieve the following

Cultural & Social objectives:

Immediate Objectives:
  1. To coordinate between the other Priests & Devotees of Goddess Bhavani for performing the Various Seva Vidhi’s, leading to gainful employment for families of other Priest.
  2. To protect existing Priest families by providing gainful employment & promoting others to opt for Vedic Education for performing the Seva Vidhi.
Future Plans:
  1. To run Vedic School ( VED PATHSHALA ) for imparting the education of performance of Seva Vidhi of Goddess Bhavani.
  2. To provide financial assistance to students opting for Vedic education.
  3. To organise for DESCENT lodging & boarding WITH ALL AMMENITIES for Devotees of Goddess Bhavani at Tuljapur with no loss no profit basis.
  4. To make available the Literature of Goddes Bhavani ( Tulja Bhavani Mahatma ) for its Devotees.
  5. To organise for ANNADAN for pilgrims.

Home | About Tuljabhavani | Photo Gallery | Seva-Vidhis | Contact Us

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